Participating Farms

Better Equine, Inc

Jana Barcus

29545 Pleasant Valley Rd, Paola, KS                         Better Equine will not be open for the Fall Farm

913-333-2657                                                                        Tour.   They look forward to seeing everyone                                                 in the Spring!

Casa Somerset B&B and Organic Farm

Mike & Christine Hursey

16315 W 287th St. Paola, KS


     Hosting: Au Contraire Bakery

Cozy Acres

Laura & Pete Sywenki

10308 W. 263rd St. Louisburg, KS



Five Mile Farms

Lucas & Lleana Price

39485 New Lancaster Rd

La Cygne, KS 66040



Isinglass Estate Winery 

Brandon & Sarah Vore

16241 W 381st Street, La Cygne, KS 

(913) 226-2287

Madd House Hill

John & Cynthia Maddock

16030 W. 311th St., Paola, KS


Miami Purebred Herefords

Scott & Krista Lee

36140 Victory Rd., Paola, KS


Middle Creek Winery at New Lancaster General Store 

Stephen & Kristin Graue       

36688 New Lancaster Road, Paola KS

(913) 377-4689 


Nighthawk Winery 

Don and Cathy Warring                                                      RESERVATION REQUIRED!                     

16381 W 343rd St. Paola

(913) 544-9549 

Prothe's Pecans 

Leland & Slina Prothe

33850 Victory Rd, Paola KS

(913) 849-3358


Red Barn Quilts

Cindy & Don Toburen Jr.

28116 W. 319th St., Paola, KS


Rocking Goat Farms 

Michael Amen & Frank Ugolini 

37126 New Lancaster Rd., LaCygne KS

(303) 870-3785

      Hosting: Orange Moon Apothecary


Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Winery

Dennis & Cindy Reynolds

29725 Somerset Rd. Paola, KS


Sunflower Orchards

Lance Hall

16905 W. 311th St Paola, KS


Sweet Streams Lavender

Joe & Christina Blincoe

12233 W 233rd St, Bucyrus, KS


Terabithia Dairy Goats

Vince & Becky Thorpe

30984 Bethel Church Rd, Paola, KS

913-259-8235 or 913-294-5436

        Hosting: Crawford Queen Bee Farm

 Timber View Farm Alpacas 

Brad & Becky Ryckert                                               FARM WILL NOT BE OPEN FOR THE TOUR!

14713 W 311th Street, Paola KS                             PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR FUTURE OPEN

(913) 219-4117                                                                                            DATES!

Whispering Elm Farm

 Colin & Melissa McDonald

27017 Waverly Road, Paola KS

(913) 221-7299

      Hosting: Sinclair Farms